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Bluetooth speakers have been gaining popularity recently because of the rapid adoption of mobile devices. They have created a mobile culture.  The culture of bringing your gadgets to wherever you are and using them whenever you wish. Bluetooth speakers are easy to connect because they do not need a wire. This has contributed to their popularity.  They are also known as Wireless Speakers or Portable Speakers.

Bluetooth speakers have shrink in size. Many people called them Mini Wireless Speakers now. You can listen to music anytime and anywhere because of the size and portability of the Bluetooth speakers. We have been using the term Bluetooth speakers but what exactly is Bluetooth speakers? What can it do? Why is it good? Is it superior than other technology?

What is Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth speakers make use of Bluetooth technology to connect devices. Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology which allows devices to form a communication network. The network is also used for data exchange. Bluetooth technology uses radio frequency to exchange data. It usually has short distance range. As it has limited connectivity range, it prevents interference from other devices.  Furthermore, Bluetooth technology consumes little power.  This explains why Bluetooth speakers usually last for many hours.

When two devices with Bluetooth technology are paired together, one of them will be the controlling party.  The other device will be the passive party. If a mobile device is paired with the Bluetooth speakers, the mobile device like handphone will be the controlling party and the speakers will be the passive party.  The Bluetooth speakers will stop playing music when the mobile device is not within range.  The passive party usually serves the active party on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The active device which is connected will stay connected till it drops out for another device to take over. Recently, some devices and phone apps allow priority setting of Bluetooth devices.  For most of us, a simple first-come-first-serve basis should be sufficient for our Bluetooth speakers.

There are different versions of Bluetooth. In Year 2015, the most common versions are Bluetooth Basic Rate and Enhanced Data Rate.  Bluetooth Low Energy is also very common.

Bluetooth technology is a widely accepted wireless standard. It is cheap to be included in gadgets. It is easy to build. It has therefore become so commonly used nowadays. It is now a technology to connect your lights, locks, TV, etc.  You should find some devices with Bluetooth capability in your car. Bluetooth makes it so convenient for everyone.

If you are looking for rugged Bluetooth speakers, click here for Awavez’s Water-Proof speakers.  They boost an IPX7 rating.  You can just throw it into the water and it would float and continue to play your music.  They are also Shock Proof.  A perfect partner for your outdoor activities no matter how rough you handle them.  Whether it is cycling or hiking, it would not be complete without it.  The best companion for your outdoor activities.

Other Competing Technologies – NFC and Airplay

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a recent technology which has also gained much popularity. Other than NFC, Apple’s Airplay technology has also attracted much attention. Find out more about NFC and Airplay technology.

Awavez’s Water-Proof speakers also have NFC capability.  A wireless connection faster and easier than Bluetooth.  Your outdoor companion is even more perfect now.

Tell us what functions are desirable in Bluetooth speakers. Email us so that we know how to improve our gadgets to meet your needs. Perhaps you would like to see other technologies included in speakers.  Perhaps you would like more functions in the speakers.